About Nechamkin Silver Studios

Silversmith Liza Nechamkin Glasser provides distinguished clients with a full range of rare Silversmithing services

She teaches, lectures, and exhibits her chased works nationally, and is the creator of Nechamkin Chasing Tools™. Nechamkin Glasser is a highly skilled and accomplished chaser, specializing in the creation of custom silver pieces that are rich with highly ornamental chasing and repousse designs.

Images of her work are included in a new book "Chasing and Repousse' Methods Ancient and Modern" by Nancy Megan Corwin.

Liza Nechamkin earned her BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology, School For American Crafts and immediately thereafter went on to work for Tiffany and Company for 13 years as a Silversmith/Chaser. During this time she developed her silver restoration business and began to instruct chasing and jewelry workshops.

Liza resigned her position with Tiffany and Co. to manage Nechamkin Silver Studios full time and pursue the development and marketing of her chasing tools.

Image of Liza Nechamkin