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Medium Green Chaser's Pitch, formulated and developed by Metal Sculptor Debra Montgomery, is organic pine rosin based pitch. Blacksmiths, Sculptors, Armorers and Jewelers alike have found this type of pitch suitable for years. It is excellent for medium to high relief work and can be worked slightly warm using a heat gun. In cold temperature this pitch will release metal.

NOTE: Nechamkin Medium Green Chaser's Pitch is sold in 5 lb increments. Be sure to order enough to fill your bowl plus a little extra to replenish the bowl and fill in the embossed work. An 8" diameter deep pitch bowl from Otto Frei takes roughly 5-7 lbs of pitch to fill depending on if you prefer it mounded up or flush.

Prepared Useable Sample
Nechamkin Medium Green Chasers Pitch (limited quantity available). New to Green Pitch? You can try it out with a ready to use, sample. This fully functional sample is ready to use in a weighted 2x4" container. It is filled 1/2 way with concrete (for weight) and topped with pitch.

Just place a piece of metal into it and chase to test out the Green Pitch. It is also good for minor chasing jobs used over a sand bag. A good little extra for the workbench. For full chasing projects the 8" filled iron pitch bowl with Medium Green Pitch is recommended. Green Pitch is also sold in idividual 5lb tubs. Call for bulk ordering.

Filled Pitch Bowl Kit
For a just a few dollars over the cost of the parts, get to work faster with a pre-filled pitch bowl!

Completely Prepared and Ready to Use Pitch Bowl with Support Ring: Now there is no need to deal with the mess and drudgery of filling a pitch bowl. We have done the work for you. Simply place your work into the pitch and start chasing! Our bowl is first filled about 1/3 way with concrete then filled up with Nechamkin Green Pitch.

Our filled pitch bowl kit uses an 8"x4" deep, heavy iron pitch bowl from Otto Frei, which Allows stability at extreme work angles with deep 8" solid rubber tire support, also included.

NOTE: Consider purchasing the pitch bowl kit with an additional 5lbs to replenish and mound up your bowl and fill the back of repousse cavities on work pieces.

Nechamkin Pitch Bowl filled with Green pitch

Green Pitch in a container

Bag with Nechamkin Green Pitch